5 Tips To Consider When Renting a Los Angeles Property

Originally posted on July 01, 2011

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Consider these 5 tips when renting a Los Angeles property:


1.  Narrow your search down to a few areas:

Los Angeles is a huge city, with a large school district. So the first thing you need to do is identify a few areas in which to concentrate your search.  Here are some ideas on how to narrow the city down:

Try and stay close to where you will be working.  Freeway commutes in Los Angeles are no fun.

If you have children, check out the schools.  Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is the second largest school district in the U.S. and many of the schools are low-performing ones.  Researching the best schools in the area will help you decide where you want to live in Los Angeles.  There are many online sources to determine the best schools.

Lifestyle.  Los Angeles is not a walking city, and if you like to step out of your home onto the beach, or into the heart of a trendy shopping district, this will narrow down areas significantly.

For ocean front living and trendy shopping and restaurants renting a home in Santa Monica might be your choice.

If you like a small-town atmosphere, with great shops, restaurants and coffee bars, renting a home in Brentwood is a great option.

Maybe you like to live in the lap of luxury, then renting a condo on the Wilshire Corridor is the life for you.

Each Los Angeles community has its own special character and charm.  The trick is finding the one that best suits your needs.

2.  Set your budget

Your budget is going to decide where and what you can afford to rent.  Your choices include renting a Los Angeles condominium, which is a privately owned apartment,  a unit in an apartment building, or a single family home.  Downtown Los Angeles is now seeing the growth of loft living. And depending on the area, you can reasonably expect to pay from $2000 for a low-end property in to the thousands.

3.  Set your criteria

Do you want one bedroom, two bedrooms or more?

Are 2 bathrooms necessary, or can you make do with 1 or 1.5?

Is an inside washer/dryer important, or can you live with a community laundry room?

Do you want hardwood, or is carpet O.K.?

How many parking spaces do you need?

Do you need a yard?

Determining these requirements will help to narrow the search down.

4.  Make sure you have your financials in order

When renting a Los Angeles home you are going to be asked to provide proof of funds.  Normally, a credit report will be required, bank statements, etc.

Since you will probably not have the normal paperwork to produce, then you may need a local co-signer for the lease, someone who will guarantee your rent.  Bank statements showing your balances may suffice, but this will have to be worked out with the prospective landlord.  Anything that shows your financial stability will help.

5. Find a local real estate agent


If you are new to Los Angeles, then you will certainly want to hook up with a Los Angeles real estate agent to help you find a property based on all the above criteria.  They will be able to drive you around a few areas to give you a feel of the place and also guide you to certain areas based on some of those criteria.

There are many online sources for finding property rentals in Los Angeles, but you do have to be careful of the scams that are prevalent on the internet.  Los Angeles real estate agents have access to the better properties and can make your life so much easier.  And all for free.  The landlord pays the fee.

Why not sit back, relax, and let your real estate agent do the work.

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Buying or Selling Los Angeles Real Estate

Buying or selling a Los Angeles home can be a daunting process in a city this size, especially if you’re new to L.A. Town. You’ll need a resident expert to show you around and help you narrow down the areas where you might like to live. I will help you find the perfect home in the right area to fit your lifestyle, budget and needs!

When I list and sell Los Angeles homes for my clients I strive to make the experience a pleasant one. My mission is to provide outstanding service while utilizing the best practices and systems available.

If you are an absentee owner, you’ll need someone to handle all the details that you can’t handle remotely. That’s where I come in – I’m there when you can’t be. I also specialize in lease property in Los Angeles.

Westside Los Angeles Real Estate, including, but not limited to:

For more information on how I can best serve your Los Angeles real estate needs, please fill out the online contact form or give me a call at 310-473-6919.

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  1. HI Jane – this is an excellent article about renting a Los Angeles home. I am sure this will help your rental clients establish their criteria for renting.

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