Brentwood Los Angeles Homes for Sale 1st Qtr 2014 in Review

Brentwood real estate market report

How is the Brentwood, Los Angeles real estate market doing? Let's see how the first quarter of 2014 compares to the same period last year. How is inventory affecting sales? Brentwood single family home sales Sold +/- Median +/- Active Median Pending 33 -11 $2,530,000 +17.67% 73 $3,995,000 17 Brentwood condo sales Sold +/- Median +/- Active Median Pending 38 -11 $776,000 +11.65 50 $769,000 13   Sellers … [Read more...]

Beverly Hills Homes for Sale 1st Qtr 2014 Market Report

Beverly Hills real estate market report October 2012

It's time to take a look at the Beverly Hills real estate market. Let's see how the first quarter of 2014 compares to the same period last year. Beverly Hills home sales Sold +/- Median % +/- Active Median Pending 33 +9 $5,325 +20.73% 59 $6,999,000 26 Beverly Hills condo sales Sold +/- Median % +/- Active Median Pending 25 -1 $1,225,000 +58.06 40 $1,214,600 11   Sellers Market Balanced Market Buyers' Market Less … [Read more...]

Century City Condos 1st Qtr 2014 Market Report

Century City condos for sale market report

If you are buying a condo in Century City, you will want to see how the market is doing lately. Together with the Wilshire Corridor, Century City has one of the few concentrated collections of full-service high-rise communities and, unlike the Corridor, gated ones, with grounds in which to walk.   Let's see how the first quarter of 2014 compares to the same period in 2013? Building Sold +/- Median % +/- Avg. Price per S/F Active Median Pending The … [Read more...]

Santa Monica Homes for Sale 1st Qtr 2014 Market Report

Santa Monica rea estate market 2nd Qtr 2013 in review

Let's see how the Santa Monica real estate market is doing with the shortage of inventory. How does the first quarter of 2014 compare to the same period in 2013?  Santa Monica zip codes differ in pricing and demographics from each other and will be reported separately. The percentage difference is over the same period in 2014. Santa Monica single family 90401 - this is primarily a business district so you will see little or no activity here. Sold +/- Median % … [Read more...]

Wilshire Corridor Condos 1st Qtr 2014 in Review

Wilshire Corridor condos the last month in review

Another quarter has flown by so let's see how Wilshire Corridor condo sales are doing. Have they slowed down like the rest of the Los Angeles market? The +/- stats are compared to the First Quarter of 2013. Building Sold +/ Price/ Median Price Avg. Price Per Sq. Ft.++ Total Active Price/ Median Price Pending Beverly West* 0 N/A N/A $1,444.01 3 $5,552,000 0 Blair House 0 = N/A $566.46 3 $1,050,000 0 Crown … [Read more...]

Moving to Los Angeles? Be Prepared for Sticker Shock

Be prepared for sticker shock when moving to L.A.

Many prospective home buyers or renters who are moving to Los Angeles, either for work or to be closer to their family, don't have a realistic idea of the cost of housing in our fair city. I will often receive emails asking me to help find homes to rent under $2,000 or to buy under $300,000. Take a look at where you would need to start at a minimum, and I do mean minimum. Single family homes - $850,000 Condos - $450,000 and this would probably be a one-bedroom. Leases - $2,500, but … [Read more...]

Buying a Home for Your Kid in Los Angeles May Make Sense

To buy or not to buy a home in Los Angeles?

There are occasions when buying a home for your kid in Los Angeles may make sense. You have a child who will be attending college in Los Angeles and will be looking for at least four years of rental accommodation.  They may be happy sharing with other students in which case the cost of renting could be reasonable depending on what kind of place they find and where it is located. However, the son or daughter who is moving here for their first job probably is past the apartment-sharing phase … [Read more...]

Buying a Home in Los Angeles What is Escrow?

How to buy a home in Los Angeles, The Escrow Process

If you are an out-of-towner buying a home in Los Angeles you may not be familiar with the escrow process. In fact I sometimes forget that fact and half way through the process find out that my buyers, or sellers are totally lost and sometimes want to use the services of an attorney. I would never discourage anyone from seeking the advice of an attorney, but unless there are complications, or you are purchasing a home directly from a developer, it is often a waste of money. It would be almost … [Read more...]

Buying a Home in Encino, Sherman Oaks or Tarzana

San Fernando Valley real estate market report

I have been meaning to post some information on real estate in the San Fernando Valley, specifically Encino, Sherman Oaks and Tarzana. Studio City is already covered. So let's take a look at statistics for  2013 compared to 2012. Sherman Oaks single family Sold +/- 2012 Median +/- 2012 Active Median Pending 651 +62 $801,500 +15.32% 104 $799,974 62 Sherman Oaks condos Sold +/- 2012 Median +/- … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Top Ten Neighborhoods for Home Sales This Year

Top selling Los Angeles neighborhoods

I you are thinking of buying or selling a home in Los Angeles it would be good to check in on sales and availability in some of the Los Angeles neighborhoods. What were the top selling neighborhoods so far this year: Single Family 1. Hollywood Hills West - Sold = 64 at a median price of $1,402,500 - Active Listings:  156 at a median price of $2,382.50. 2. Silver Lake | Echo Park - Sold = 44 at a median price of $762,000 - Active Listings:  37 at a median price of $695,000. 3. Palms | … [Read more...]

Real Estate is a Business of Emotions Not Actions

Act don't react in the home buying and selling process

When buying a car there is an unwritten rule that you are supposed to haggle for the best price and emotions generally don't factor in. Some people enjoy the dance and don't take it personally when they don't get what they want. Real estate is a business in which emotions probably run higher than any other. The purchase is huge and it is personal, and often the process is approached like preparation for battle. The buyer knows the seller is out to get them and vice versa. And from there each … [Read more...]

Silicon Beach Creates a High Demand for L.A. Westside Homes

Silicon Beach Los Angeles homes for slae

Silicon Valley is well know, but have you heard of Silicon Beach? There has been a huge growth in start-up tech companies on the Westside in an approximate three-mile area covering Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey and Playa Vista. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Hulu have branched out into Silicon Beach, and Snapchat has its headquarters in Venice. With this kind of growth there would be a high demand for homes normally, and this is compounded by the severe shortage of … [Read more...]

Finding ways to help young adults make their first home purchases

Initial buyer will become co-signor's renter

See on - Around Los Angeles WASHINGTON — Parents, grandparents and young adults know the problem only too well: Heavy student-debt loads, persistent employment troubles stemming from the recession, plus newly toughened mortgage underwriting standards are all standing in the way of vast numbers of potential first-time home buyers in their 20s and 30s.   Jane Peters's insight: This is a great option for those first-time home buyers See on … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Sell Your Los Angeles Home Today

L.A. home sellers show your home's best face

If you are wondering right now if and how you should sell your Los Angeles home, I have the answer" Put in on the market! Put in on the market! Put in on the market! Put in on the market! Put in on the market! There really is no magic to it right now. Inventory is so low that you don't have to over thing things in order to get it sold quickly for the correct price. No, if you over price your home it is not going to sell not matter what, at least not for the price you ask, but … [Read more...]

How Much Are Wilshire Corridor Homeowners Dues?

Wilshire Corridor Market Report October 2012

The Wilshire Corridor also known as the Golden Mile, is a stretch of Wilshire Blvd. from roughly Westwood Blvd on the West to Comstock Ave. on the East. It is located in Westwood  and houses some of the most exclusive and expensive condo buildings in Los Angeles. When buying a condo on the Wilshire Corridor, or in fact in any condo  building, you need to take into consideration the homeowners dues as they are going to be part of your monthly payment.  If you are getting a loan, your lender … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Homes for Sale by Zip Code 2013 Market Report

Buying a Home in Santa Monica, Santa Monica Zip Code Mao

Let's check in on Los Angeles home sales by zip code and compare them to 2012. The zip codes below are a selection. If you would like information on the performance of other Los Angeles zip codes please don't hesitate to contact me. Single Family Zip Code Sold +/- Median Price +/- For Sale 90007, 90012, 90013 90014, 90015, 90017 90021, 90031, … [Read more...]

How is the Los Angeles Real Estate Market? 2013 in Review

Los Angeles homes for sale market report

Let's take a look how Los Angeles real estate did in 2013 compared to the previous year. Which areas favor sellers and which favor buyers? The communities below exclude the cities of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and Culver City, and the communities of Westwood, Brentwood and Century City which are covered separately, as is the Wilshire Corridor   Los Angeles Single Family Homes Community Sold +/- 2012 Price Range Median +/- 2012 Active Median Pending Bel … [Read more...]

Century City Condos for Sale 2013 in Review

Century City condos for sale market report

Century City condos have a mix of full service high rise buildings and gated garden complexes with full amenities.  Away from the bustle and bustle with easy access to shopping and dining, Century City is a great alternative to the Wilshire Corridor. We should check in and see how the market performed in 2012 as compared with the previous year. Building Sold +/- 2011 Median +/- 2011 HOD Avg. Price per S/F Active Median Pending The … [Read more...]

Westwood Homes for Sale 2013 in Review

Westwood real estate market report for May 2013

Like most areas of Los Angeles, the Westwood neighborhood is suffering from low inventory, especially in the single family market. Home to UCLA, it is a desirable place to live so it will be interesting to see how Westwood real estate fared in 2013. Westwood single family home sales Sold +/- 2012 Range Median +/- 2012 Active Median Pending 74 -28 $994,000 to $15,950,000 $1,753,250 +10.97% 11 $12,495,000 8   Westwood condo sales These statistics … [Read more...]

West Hollywood Homes for Sale 2013 in Review

West Hollywood homes for sale 2nd Qtr 2013 in review

West Hollywood is one of the more affordable communities in Los Angeles. An incorporated city with a high Walk Score, West Hollywood has great dining, stores, galleries, and nightlife, and is a much sought-after neighborhood to live. How were sales of homes in the West Hollywood area in 2013? (The West Hollywood area on the MLS does include neighborhoods just around the city itself.) Other West Hollywood real estate market reports West Hollywood single family sales Sold +/- … [Read more...]