Beautiful Ranch Home for Sale Near Santa Clarita Valley

Ranch home for sale in Lebec

This beautiful ranch home is located in Lebec, one of the mountain communities in Tejon Pass. Zoned for horses this 3,800 sq. ft. house was built in 2007 with high end finishes throughout.  And it sits on 20 acres of almost all flat land. Just half an hour from the Santa Clarita Valley and listed at $990,000, the price of a standard home, you have the best of both worlds. This is a special property at a great price. (Listed by Barry Goldberg, RE/MAX Valencia) For more … [Read more...]

Buying a Los Angeles Home Part 9: Prepare for Your New Home

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Test 2

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Century City Real Estate Century City Condos

Century City Real Estate, Century City Condos, Buying a Condo in Century City

Century City is a commercial and residential community on the westside of Los Angeles. The borders are Santa Monica to Pico and Century Park East to Century Park West. Once the back lot of Twentieth Century Fox, this is where Century City derived it's name. Century City is home to many luxurious high and low rise condominium buildings, the newly renovated Westfield Shopping Center, and office complexes that house many law firms and businesses with ties to the entertainment industry … [Read more...]

Discounts Available for Los Angeles Seniors

Los Angeles Senior Discounts, Where to Get Senior Discounts

Here is a list of senior savings you may not know about that will help you keep more cash in your pocket. These are specifically for Los Angeles seniors. Restaurants * Applebee's: 15% off with Golden Apple Card (60+) * Arby's: 10% off (55+) * Ben & Jerry's: 10% off (60+) * Bennigan's: discount varies by location * Bob's Big Boy: discount varies by location (60+) * Boston Market: 10% off (65+) * Burger King: 10% off (60+) * Captain D's Seafood: discount varies on location … [Read more...]

Errors and Disputes on Credit. How and When to Move Forward

Be Careful When Disputing Your Credit Report, Wait Before You Dispute Your Credit Report

  I ran across the following issue with a recent client.  After running their credit, we discovered what appeared to be an error on it.  Positive that it was indeed an error, they wanted to address the problem immediately.        My suggestion to these clients was to do nothing ... right now.       I know.  That sounds contrary to what common sense would dictate you do.  But in this particular case, it was the best thing to advise for their current situation.     Why did I make this … [Read more...]

Common Myths About Los Angeles Real Estate Agents

Los Angeles Real Estate Agent, How to Choose a Los Angeles Realtor

Ask anyone about their experiences with real estate agents, and you will no doubt hear a wide variety of responses. There are so many myths about agents that tend to be taken as truths when someone has a negative experience. A good real estate agent is worth every single penny you spend for their expertise. Let’s examine some popular myths about real estate agents. "They make too much money." According to, the median salary for real estate agents in 2009 was … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Home Rental Questionnaire

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Wilshire Corridor Homes Report – What Happened in 2010

Wilshire Corridor Condo Market Update, Wilshire Corridor Condo 2010 Sales

The Wilshire Corridor, the heart of Westwood Los Angeles real estate, is also known as The Golden Mile.  The Wilshire Corridor is approximately 2-mile stretch of luxury condominium buildings which runs from just east of Westwood Village to the west side of the Los Angeles Country Club. If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury then consider a condominium on The Wilshire Corridor and prepare to be pampered beyond your wildest dreams.  Many of the Wilshire Corridor buildings have full … [Read more...]

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Real Estate Market Reports Single Family Homes under $2 million Single Family Homes over $2 million Condos under $2 million Condos over $2 million … [Read more...]

If Your Homeowners Insurance Claim is Denied Try This

Fight for your Homeowners Insurance Claim

If your homeowners insurance claim is denied, try this. The following great piece of advice was written by Russel Ray, a San Diego Property Consultant. A Client of Russel's from 2007 called him recently to tell him that his furnace was not working.  The reason he waited so long is that it was the first time he was using it. Insurance companies don't make money by paying claims, so their first line of defense is quite often just to deny the claim outright. Sometimes they won't even give … [Read more...]

Century City Homes Sold

Condo Building Sales Difference Low Median High Avg DOM % Sold vs List Price The Century*, 1 Century Drive 11 0 $2,850,000 $7,300,000 $27,000,000 32 Le Parc, Empyrean Way 6 0 $1,000,000 $1,387,500 $1,900,00 106 96.63 Century Woods, 1 0 $1,240,000 101 91.85 Century Towers, Avenue of the Stars 17 +1 $490,000 $900,000 $1,680,000 88 92.71 Park Place, Century Park Lane 16 +1 $590,000 $739,000 $1,340,000 70 93.06 Century … [Read more...]

Beverly Hills Real Estate Condos, Over $2 Million

Beverly Hills Real Estate Luxury Condos

Beverly Hills luxury condo market The Beverly Hills luxury condo market is stuck.  There have been no sales over the past 3 months and with a 39 month inventory it will be a while before it comes back. See previous Beverly Hills luxury condo report See sales for Beverly Hills condos under $2 million … [Read more...]

Brentwood Community Overview

Brentwood Area Community

Brentwood Climate Overview Search for homes in Brentwood … [Read more...]

Beverly Hills Community Overview

90210 Community Summary Population Growth (since 2000)      -1% Population Density (ppl/mile)         2,111 Household Size (ppl)                             2.47 Households w/Children                      25.9% Housing Stability Annual Residential Turnover            14% 5+ Years in Residency                          41% Median Year in Residency                    4% Population Demographics:  22,631               Households:  9,125                 Median Age:  45 Climate and … [Read more...]

Santa Monica Community Overview

90401 Community Summary Population Growth (since 2000)      18% Population Density (ppl/mile)           6,910 Household Size (ppl)                               1.4 Households w/Children                        6.4% Housing Stability Annual Residential Turnover             21% 5+ Years in Residency                           23% Median Year in Residency                    2% Population Demographics:  5,938            Households:  3,725             Median Age:  41 Climate and … [Read more...]

Westwood Community Overview

Westwood Community Characteristics

Westwood Crime Statistics … [Read more...]

Century City Homes for Sale

Condo Building For Sale Low Median High Avg DOM Avg Sq. Ft. The Century*, 1 Century Drive 10 $2,700,000 $5,175,000 $14,300,000 100 3,672 Le Parc, Empyrean Way 4 $1,450,000 $1,650,000 $2,100,00 145 2,564 Century Woods, 1 $4,250,000 53 4,843 Century Towers, Avenue of the Stars 14 $560,000 $1,385,000 $3,995,000 119 1,747 Park Place, Century Park Lane 10 $699,000 $875,000 $1,550,000 87 1,860 Century … [Read more...]