Relocating to L.A. 6 Key First Steps to Finding a Rental Home

6 tips for finding a rental home in Los Angeles

If you are preparing to move to Los Angeles, for a job or other reason, you are probably not going to be buying outright. You will need to find rental accommodation until you settle in. That in itself can be a stressful experience, especially in a tight market with rising rents. So how can you prepare? Here are six ways: Depending on your price range you will either search online yourself on sites such as Westside Rentals or Craigslist or try and find a Los Angeles Realtor who will be … [Read more...]

Your Child is Moving to L.A. Where Should They Live?

Where to live in Los Angeles

I often get contacted by anxious parents whose child is moving to Los Angeles, either for school or work. You are worried about where they are going to live and want to make sure that they are safe and secure, especially New Yorkers who are used to buildings with doormen. Los Angeles can be an intimidating prospect for you, and unless you are prepared to pay a high premium for a full-service building with valet and concierge such as the Wilshire Corridor then they will be living like many … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About The Wilshire Corridor

Checking in on the Wilshire Corridor condo market

If you are thinking of buying or renting a condo on the Wilshire Corridor there are some facts to consider. Also known as The Golden Mile, the Corridor is an approximately 2-mile stretch of luxury high-rise condominium buildings which runs from just east of Westwood Village to the west side of the Los Angeles Country Club. There are 31 of these buildings but not all of them will provide what a buyer or renter is looking for. Often people new to the area are not familiar with the prices. … [Read more...]

A Guide to Finding a Home in Los Angeles. Don’t do it Alone!

Buying or Renting a home in L.A.? Don't go it alone

If you are unrepresented, when you first start looking for a home for sale or rent in Los Angeles, or anywhere else for that matter, you will be faced with so many choices. The search term "buying a home in Los Angeles" will bring you 77 million plus results. If you are more specific, for instance "buying a condo on the Wilshire Corridor", you will be faced with a "mere" 175,000 results. So what happens next?  You find yourself interested in a particular property you find on aggregator sites … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Leasing an Apartment or a Condominium

Wilshire Corridor condos 3rd Qtr 2013 market report

I often get calls from people looking to rent a home in Los Angeles, especially on the Wilshire Corridor. They start the conversation with "I saw a listing for an apartment at......" The majority of buildings on the Wilshire Corridor are not apartment buildings, they are condominiums.  So what's the difference? An apartment building is generally owned by one entity which leases out the individual units to individual tenants.  A condominium building consists of units which are individually … [Read more...]

7 Potential Problems When Renting a Home in Los Angeles

7 barriers to overcome when looking for a rental home in l.A.

Finding a good rental property in Los Angeles is difficult at the best of times. Inventory, although improving, is still low, rents are rising, and the good homes lease quickly. Some of the following items are going to make finding a good lease more difficult: Bad credit or no credit. The first thing a landlord is going to want to see from a prospective tenant is their credit history. Anything lower than a score of around 650 is going to be a problem. This is going to be an ongoing problem. … [Read more...]

L.A. Real Estate. To Buy or Not to Buy? That is the Question

To buy or not to buy a home in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is not an inexpensive place to live, and not a place where you can easily say it makes more sense to buy than rent. However, I often get people who are considering renting a home in Los Angeles and end up buying because it does make more sense. Because rents are so high in Los Angeles we are talking about people looking for rentals around the $3,000 and up mark. At $3,000 a month you are throwing away $36,000 a year paying someone else's mortgage, and at this level it makes … [Read more...]

Renting your Home in Los Angeles. How do You Price it?

Frequently asked questions, when renting a Los Angeles home

You are thinking of renting out your home in Los Angeles and are not sure how you should price it.  This is a little more complicated than if you were selling it. When you are selling a home in Los Angeles you have a basis from which to work.  That would be comparable sales (comps). Your real estate agent will look at what has sold in the general area of your home. These would be homes of a similar size, features and condition and that is what a buyer is going to be looking at also. It is … [Read more...]

Buying or Renting a Home in L.A. Don’t Shoot the Messenger

When buying a home in L.A. don't shoot the messenger

When buying a home in Los Angeles you hopefully will and should have your own buyer representation through a Los Angeles Realtor®.  And sometimes you will use a Realtor® when you are looking for a Los Angeles rental property. Remember that when you choose your agent they are working for you and no one else.  Their duty is to you the buyer or renter. They also do not call the shots, the seller or landlord does. So if you receive certain requests for information when writing a purchase … [Read more...]

Renting a Home in Los Angeles. Sample Lease and Application

Check out the Los Angeles rental market

If you are considering renting a home in Los Angeles with the help of a Realtor®, you may not be familiar with what will be required to present to the landlord. The first think you will be asked to do is fill out an application.  Together with this you will most probably be asked to run your own credit report. Sometimes the landlord's agent will ask for funds and will run the credit themselves, but generally you will be allowed to run it. Three recommended sites on which to run your credit … [Read more...]

Need Help Finding a Los Angeles Home for Sale or Rent?

A Realtor® can save you time when buying a home in L.A.

If you need help finding a Los Angeles home for sale or rent, call a Los Angeles Realtor®. You are a busy person, right?  Do you think it is the best use of your time to scour the internet for homes of interest? Isn't it rather frustrating to try and get hold of someone to show you that property?  Have you ever left a message with no return call? Do you know the history of the property?  I could go on and on. Many Los Angeles home buyers and renters who contact me do so because they saw … [Read more...]

Relocating to Los Angeles? Don’t Know Where to Start?

Los Angeles Real Estate Homes for Sale

Are you thinking of relocating to Los Angeles and don't know quite where to start? Do you need help?  Someone who knows the area and has helped numerous people like yourself settle in? Here are some things to consider: You are going to have to pick an area.  This may depend on: Where you are going to be working. What school you would like your child to attend. What kind of housing you can afford whether it be a rental to start - a condo/apartment or a single family … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Rent a Home in Los Angeles With Poor Credit

You will need a good credit report if renting a home in Los Angeles

If you are looking to rent a home in Los Angeles, you will need to be aware that your credit is extremely important.  I cannot count how many times potential tenants have been refused because of the state of their credit. Checking your credit report is the main tool that a landlord has to see what kind of a tenant you will make.  They tend to look for people with credit in the 700s and up and it is sometimes very difficult to convince them that you will make a good tenant if you are below … [Read more...]

Frequently Asked Questions When Renting a Los Angeles Home

Frequently asked questions, when renting a Los Angeles home

If you are moving to Los Angeles, or maybe selling your home and moving to a Los Angeles rental, you may not be familiar with the process.  So here are answers to some questions you may have. Q:  How do I find a rental property in Los Angeles? A:  There are many ways to find a rental.  You can join Westside Rentals, where you pay a small fee, or look at some of the online sites like Craigslist, which will generally show the same properties as Westside Rentals.  However, you need to be … [Read more...]

How to Find a Rental Property in Los Angeles

How to find a rental property in Los Angeles

Why is a Los Angeles real estate agent, advocating renting a property in Los Angeles?  We work on commission and of course would love to help sellers sell and buyers buy property for obvious reasons.  However, in this Los Angeles real estate market that is becoming a little challenging to say the least right now.   Why is that? Inventory is low and competition for buyers is huge. The Los Angeles real estate market is not inexpensive and many buyers are priced out of it for the … [Read more...]

Lovely Highland Park Home for Rent

Highland Park home for rent

Great 2 bedroom house in excellent condition. Good location, on the border of up-and-coming Highland Park and Eagle Rock, close to Occidental college. Brand new appliances (fridge, stove), new cabinets, new paint, new hardwood floors, detached 1 car garage, backyard. Perfect for small family, couple, or responsible roommates. View Rent a Lovely Highland Park Home in a larger map &nbsp For more information on how I can best serve your Los Angeles real estate needs, don't … [Read more...]

Looking for a Los Angeles Rental Home? How is the Market?

Check out the Los Angeles rental market

If you are moving to Los Angeles or simply looking for a Los Angeles rental home  you will want to know how the rental market is doing.  Just like homes for sale, the Los Angeles rental market favors landords.  If something good is listed, at the right price, it will go quickly. So let's take a look at the trend over the past six months (prices are per month): Community Leased Price Range Median Active Median Bel Air/Holmby Hills* 46 $1,850 - … [Read more...]

What Happens When a Los Angeles Home is Listed for Sale AND Rent?

What happens when a home is listed for sale AND rent?

When looking for a Los Angeles home to buy or rent you may find something on the market that is listed in both categories.  What does this mean? In the days when it was a buyers' market then probably the owner needed out for one reason or another and was not sure he or she would be able to sell the home.  So they put it on the market for sale. Now, with low inventory that would probably not be the reason.  It could be that the owner wants a certain price and if they don't get it they will … [Read more...]

Can’t Find a Home to Buy in Los Angeles? Let’s Help You Find a Rental While You Wait.

6 tips for finding a rental home in Los Angeles

It's getting tougher and tougher out there to find a home to buy in Los Angeles  with the low inventory, so if your are moving to Los Angeles or downsizing your home, then a rental is going to be the way to go. Not that rentals are easy to find.  The minute the good ones come on the market they are gone.  But if you know what you want and move quickly then you stand a good chance of finding the right property.  This will give you a good amount of time for inventory to build and for you to … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Rentals | How Do I Handle No Credit or Bad Credit?

How to get a Los Angeles rental property with bad or no credit

Los Angeles Rentals with no credit or bad credit? A few of my rental clients are looking for Los Angeles rentals will less than stellar credit or no credit. The sad part is they often don't know that their credit will not meet the standards of a prospective landlord and are shocked when they are refused.  One hit on your report, a late payment, something about which you may not be aware, can drive your score down, so you need to check your credit report at least once a year. What is … [Read more...]