Santa Monica Bike Action Plan Passed Vote

Santa Monica Bike Action Plan Passes

Santa Monica City Council unanimously approved the Bike Action Plan, 20 years in the making, which is an effort to get people out of their cars and onto bikes. $2.5 million will be spent over the next two years to make  30 miles of streets bike friendly, starting with 14 miles of bike lanes and 17 miles of green buffered lanes along Broadway, Main St., 2nd St. and Ocean Park Blvd.  An additional 2,500 bike parking spaces will be available in the next five years.  Also opening in the next few … [Read more...]

Buying a Home in Los Angeles by Neighborhood – Santa Monica

Santa Monica Real Estate Market: 2012 in Review

Buying a home in Los Angeles can be a formidable task.  Where do you start?  There are so many neighborhoods to choose from each with its own unique personality.  Let's start with: Buying a home in Santa Monica There are so many distinct areas of Santa Monica to choose from.  Do you want to live near the beach on Ocean Park?  Maybe you want to be able to stroll down Montana Avenue visiting the many boutiques and trendy restaurants?  Or you love luxury condo living where the Ocean Avenue … [Read more...]

100 Free Things to do in Santa Monica

Santa Monica homes for sale 3rd Qtr 2014 market report

Santa Monica is one of the most popular tourist destinations and desired residential communities in the Los Angeles area.  Made up of 8 districts, Santa Monica has a wealth of things to do and different lifestyle offerings. 3rd St. Promenade: walk  several blocks listening the street performers, visit the myriad stores, and dine at the mix of restaurants. Ocean Avenue: step down onto Santa Monica Pier and enjoy the entertainment, dine at the upscale restaurants with their ocean … [Read more...]

The Market, Santa Monica Place, Grand Opening, Friday, May 20, 2011

Grand Opening of The Market at Santa Monica Place, The Market Opens in Santa Monica Place

Santa Monica Place shopping center in downtown Santa Monica opened in August, 2010. To put the icing on the cake The Market is having its grand opening this weekend, starting Friday, May 20th. What is The Market? The Market is an artisan, farmers market-type store, a place to find organic, gourmet foods.  Located on the dining deck of Santa Monica Place, The Market fits in naturally with the six chef restaurants, and general food court. Some of the benefits of The Market are the ease of … [Read more...]

Santa Monica Real Estate – Condos Over $2 Million

Santa Monica Market Trend - Condos Over $2 Million

The luxury end of Santa Monica real estate, condos over $2 million is very different from the below $2 million category.  Monthly inventory is down, but is still extremely high based on 1 sale per month in the last three months.  Prices have remained steady and the sales to list price is pretty healthy. Finds Santa Monica condos for sale over $2 million … [Read more...]

Santa Monica Real Estate – Condos Under $2 Million

Santa Monica Market Trend - Condos under $2 million

The Santa Monica real estate market in the area of condos under $2 million has been holding steady over the past year and the months supply of inventory is balanced, but leaning slightly towards a sellers' market. Find Condos for sale in Santa Monica under $2 million … [Read more...]

Santa Monica Real Estate – Homes Under $2 Million

Santa Monica Real Estate - Homes under $2M

Santa Monica real estate in the area of single family homes under $2 million is doing quite well.  With under 5 months of inventory, a steady median price and high sales price to list price percentage, this is a good sellers market. Find h0me in Santa Monica under $2 million … [Read more...]

Santa Monica Real Estate – Homes Over $2 Million


The Santa Monica real estate market is pretty slow in the homes above $2 million category.  Inventory has decreased to 10 months from 16 at the high a year ago, but this luxury market is very much a buyers' one. Find Santa Monica homes for sale over $2 million … [Read more...]

Santa Monica Real Estate Market Trend – May 2010


The Santa Monica real estate reports below show the market absorption trend for single family homes. What is an absorption rate?  This shows the rate at which inventory is being sold and is calculated by the number of homes on the market divided by the number sold in a month.  This helps in determining the pricing of homes being put on the market and what kind of market it is.  If you have a 10 month selling cycle and want to sell in 5 months you would need to price your … [Read more...]

Santa Monica Market Report – Third Quarter ’09


The median price of a Santa Monica homes has only dropped 2% over the last year. The number of home sold has increased by 114% over a year ago. The number of properties going into escrow has increased by 127%. The number of properties for sale has remained reasonably steady. The number of new properties being listed each month has also remained pretty steady. The total inventory of homes has dropped 66% Supply has stayed the same as compared to the … [Read more...]