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New homes on the market in Echo Park

Looking for a home in Los Angeles?  Consider the Echo Park community. When Silver Lake started to price some buyers out of the market, Echo Park took over the mantle of the new trendy, hip neighborhood near Downtown Los Angeles.  Named by the American Planning Association  as one of the top 10 Great Neighborhoods in 2008 Echo Park has something to offer for everyone especially those with a taste for the eclectic. Angelino Heights has over 50 of the best preserved Victorian Homes in the … [Read more...]

Silver Lake | Echo Park Real Estate Market | 1st Quarter 2012

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Let's compare the Silver Lake and Echo Park real estate market in the 1st Quarter 2012 against the same period last year.  At present it is difficult to accurately split the two markets as the MLS combines them.  However, I hope soon to be able to do that since Echo Park and Silver Lake are two distinctly different communities. The numbers are taken from the MLS/CLAW and are deemed reliable but not guaranteed.  Also, they reflect single family home sales only. Number Sold:  69, a 32.69% … [Read more...]

Silver Lake | Echo Park Real Estate Market Report 2011

Silver Lake, Los Angeles' best neighborhood

Let's see how the Silver Lake and Echo Park real estate market did in 2011. The MLS/CLAW covers the above two areas together, and since the boundaries are not clear, this report will cover both areas. Absorption rate is the number of months it will take the current inventory to sell, based on the average number of homes sold each month.  Sixmonths is a balanced market, above six months favors buyers and below six months favors sellers. The under $1 Million Silver Lake and Echo Park real … [Read more...]

Echo Park Real Estate Market Report November 2011

Echo Park Los Angeles Community, Echo Park Real Estate

Echo Park is a highly desirable area near Downtown Los Angeles,  and homes don't generally stay on the market there too long. A sellers' market is one where the inventory is below 6 months.  A buyers' market one where it is above six months.  And six months' inventory is a stable market. Median price is the price at which half the homes sold above this price and half below.  Average sales price does not accurately reflect the trend since one extremely high-priced or one extremely … [Read more...]

Echo Park Real Estate Market Report – February 2011

Echo Park Real Estate Median Price - February 2011

If you are buying or selling Echo Park real estate, find out how the market is doing on a monthly basis. Below are the annual statistics for Echo Park single family homes through February 2011. Map of Echo Park> View Echo Park 90026 in a larger map So how is the Echo Park real estate market doing? The statistics to take note of are February 2010 and February 2011 as these take the seasonality out of the equation.  Be sure to click on each chart for more detail: The median sold … [Read more...]

Echo Park to Drain its Lake For Two Years. Maria the Goose is Not Happy

New homes on the market in Echo Park

Echo Park Lake, the heart and soul of Echo Park, is to be drained for two years to make way for a $65 million clean up project. The 13-acre lake was built in 1860 as a water supply reservoir.  Los Angeles Public Works officials plan to remove years of pollution from the lake and make it more sustainable with better water quality. There is public concern over what will happen with the migratory birds that inhabit the lake, and there are plans to build temporary ponds to house them. Echo … [Read more...]

Echo Park Los Angeles Real Estate – How is the Market Doing?

Echo Park Real Estate Market Trend, Echo Park Homes for Sale, Echo Park Housing Market Report

Echo Park Los Angeles is a culturally diverse neighborhood near downtown Los Angeles. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in Echo Park you may want to check out the latest housing market statistics. The Echo Park real estate report below is for single family homes over 2010.  Condos are a small part of the Echo Park real estate market. Also, the boundaries of Echo Park are rather loosely defined, and the Los Angeles Multiple Listing Service (MLS) combines Echo Park with … [Read more...]

Echo Park Real Estate News – Carroll Ave Victorian Era Residences

Carroll Ave. Historic District, Carroll Ave. Echo Park, Echo Park Historic Preservation District

Carroll Ave. is a historic, Victorian era street in the Angelino Heights area of Echo Park. Angelino Heights in Echo Park is one of the first suburbs of Los Angeles with unique architectural styles dominated by more than 50 Victorian era residences.  Carroll Ave. showcases the best Queen Anne-Eastlake Victorians in the city, and more than a dozen of them have been designated Los Angeles cultural historic monuments.  The 1300 block of Carrol Ave. is listed in the National Register of Historic … [Read more...]

Echo Park Community Overview

Overview of Echo Park

  Echo Park CA Homes for Sale … [Read more...]

Echo Park Real Estate – Market Trend – May 2010

Echo Park Housing Market

The Echo Park real estate housing market report below shows the market absorption trend for single family homes in the 90026 area. What is an absorption rate?  This shows the rate at which inventory is being sold and is calculated by the number of homes on the market divided by the number sold in a month.  This helps in determining the pricing of homes being put on the market and what kind of market it is.  If you have a 10 month selling cycle and want to sell in 5 months you would … [Read more...]