Call a Real Plumber, Don’t Try And Do it Yourself

Don't do it yourself, call a plumber

A simple kitchen sink drain can sure get complicated. As you can see from this installation everything seems to fit together nicely and looks all nice and crisp and white—-so what can be the problem? The distance from the bottom of the trap has been dropped way down to allow for installation of the tail piece for the dishwasher (the vertical section of pipe with the grey hose attached to it).  If you look closely at the middle left of the drain (in the shadow) you should be able to see … [Read more...]

Breaking The Mold, How to Address it in an Inspection Report

Mold, what a home inspector can find on his rounds

I know that MOLD is a four letter word, and only a few other things found during the course of a home inspection causes more angst for all parties involved. As inspectors, not only are we the ones that have to bring its presence to the attention of the buyers, but we also have to figure out some way to talk about it in the Inspection Report. In spite of the fact that if: it “looks” like mold, is “wet” like mold, conditions are “conducive” to mold, it “smells” like mold, it … [Read more...]

My Home Inspector Said Aluminum Wiring Will Catch My House On Fire!

Aluminum Wiring Commonly Used in Modern Construction

Single-strand aluminum wiring was installed in many homes built in the mid 1960's to early 1970's. After a decade of use, inherent weaknesses were discovered with the wiring. Neglected aluminum wiring connections become increasingly dangerous over time and may overheat and create a fire hazard. A good home inspector will always recommend that single-strand aluminum wiring be evaluated by a qualified electrician who is experienced with aluminum wiring problems. Aluminum has certain qualities … [Read more...]