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Los Angeles First Time Home Buyers

Important Los Angeles Numbers

If you are buying a home in Los Angeles the numbers below may come in handy, especially if this is your first home. L.A. City-wide Services Non-Emergency 311 Police, Non-Emergency (L.A.P.D.) 877-275-5273 Los Angeles Street Services 800-996-2489 Los Angeles Animal Regulation 888-452-7381…

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What are Seller Concessions?

Seller Concessions, also referred to as a Seller Contribution, is when a buyer asks the seller for a financial contribution towards their closing costs, escrows and/or pre-paids. Not all sellers will give a contribution and some lenders/loan programs may have…

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Homebuyer Tax Credit Extended in California

The homebuyer tax credit has been extended in California.  Governor Schwazenegger signed the bill providing $200 million dollars in home buyer tax credits. The bill provides $100 million for first-time home buyer who buy existing homes and $100 million for…

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Buying a Home

Now is the time to buy a home.  There has never been a better one.  All the stars areas aligned: Interest rates are among the historically lowest. House prices are at the bottom Home buyer tax credits are in place…

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Walk Areas Command High Prices

Especially applicable to Los Angeles, a recent study conducted by “CEOs for Cities”, found that neighborhoods with the most walkable areas, with shopping, restaurants, entertainment, command higher prices. This can be broken down to a range of between $4,000 to…

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