Don’t Make the Mistakes I Made. Invest in Real Estate.

If you can afford it buying a home is the best investment you can make

O.K., I admit it. I am a Realtor® who does not own property. Had I started in this business earlier then I probably would have realized that one of the best investments you can make in your life is to buy real estate. I did own for a short period around 20 years ago, but it was a bad investment, and I sold it nine months after buying for reasons included below*. You only have to do the math to realize that if there is any way you can make it work buying is going to cost you less over the … [Read more...]

A Guide to Finding a Home in Los Angeles. Don’t do it Alone!

Buying or Renting a home in L.A.? Don't go it alone

If you are unrepresented, when you first start looking for a home for sale or rent in Los Angeles, or anywhere else for that matter, you will be faced with so many choices. The search term "buying a home in Los Angeles" will bring you 77 million plus results. If you are more specific, for instance "buying a condo on the Wilshire Corridor", you will be faced with a "mere" 175,000 results. So what happens next?  You find yourself interested in a particular property you find on aggregator sites … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Leasing an Apartment or a Condominium

Wilshire Corridor condos 3rd Qtr 2013 market report

I often get calls from people looking to rent a home in Los Angeles, especially on the Wilshire Corridor. They start the conversation with "I saw a listing for an apartment at......" The majority of buildings on the Wilshire Corridor are not apartment buildings, they are condominiums.  So what's the difference? An apartment building is generally owned by one entity which leases out the individual units to individual tenants.  A condominium building consists of units which are individually … [Read more...]

7 Potential Problems When Renting a Home in Los Angeles

7 barriers to overcome when looking for a rental home in l.A.

Finding a good rental property in Los Angeles is difficult at the best of times. Inventory, although improving, is still low, rents are rising, and the good homes lease quickly. Some of the following items are going to make finding a good lease more difficult: Bad credit or no credit. The first thing a landlord is going to want to see from a prospective tenant is their credit history. Anything lower than a score of around 650 is going to be a problem. This is going to be an ongoing problem. … [Read more...]

L.A. Real Estate. To Buy or Not to Buy? That is the Question

To buy or not to buy a home in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is not an inexpensive place to live, and not a place where you can easily say it makes more sense to buy than rent. However, I often get people who are considering renting a home in Los Angeles and end up buying because it does make more sense. Because rents are so high in Los Angeles we are talking about people looking for rentals around the $3,000 and up mark. At $3,000 a month you are throwing away $36,000 a year paying someone else's mortgage, and at this level it makes … [Read more...]

Buying or Renting a Home in L.A. Don’t Shoot the Messenger

When buying a home in L.A. don't shoot the messenger

When buying a home in Los Angeles you hopefully will and should have your own buyer representation through a Los Angeles Realtor®.  And sometimes you will use a Realtor® when you are looking for a Los Angeles rental property. Remember that when you choose your agent they are working for you and no one else.  Their duty is to you the buyer or renter. They also do not call the shots, the seller or landlord does. So if you receive certain requests for information when writing a purchase … [Read more...]

Frequently Asked Questions When Renting a Los Angeles Home

Frequently asked questions, when renting a Los Angeles home

If you are moving to Los Angeles, or maybe selling your home and moving to a Los Angeles rental, you may not be familiar with the process.  So here are answers to some questions you may have. Q:  How do I find a rental property in Los Angeles? A:  There are many ways to find a rental.  You can join Westside Rentals, where you pay a small fee, or look at some of the online sites like Craigslist, which will generally show the same properties as Westside Rentals.  However, you need to be … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Finding a Los Angeles Home Rental

Los Angeles Rental Properties, Renting a Home in Los Angeles

Are you looking for a Los Angeles home rental?   If you have been following the Los Angeles real estate market then you will know that inventory is low.  It is the same for Los Angeles rentals also. Here are some tips for finding a Los Angeles home rental in this competitive market: If you are looking for a rental under $2,500, use Craigslist, Westside Rentals or drive around and watch for "For Lease" signs.  You will get the most choice this way. Over $2,500 it will probably pay to use … [Read more...]

Full Service Condo Buildings in Los Angeles

Unlike New York, Los Angeles does not have a surplus of full service condo buildings,  and I get frequent requests for these kinds of buildings, both from prospective buyers and renters. There is one main concentration of full service condos, and that is on The Wilshire Corridor, where most of the buildings have 24/7 concierge and valet service, and full amenities such as swimming pool, spa, gym, conference room, etc.  The other concentrated area is Century City.  Downtown L.A. also has a … [Read more...]

Luxury Homes for Rent in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Real Estate Market 1st Qtr 2012

I am getting a lot of calls lately from people looking for luxury homes for rent in Los Angeles.  Often these are calls from assistants doing a preliminary search for their bosses, so having a Los Angeles real estate agent help with the search is going to make life so much easier. Los Angeles homes for rent are going extremely quickly, not quite so much on the luxury end but  if the property is something special, then it too will go.  For that reason having someone watching the listings come … [Read more...]

Renting an Ocean Front Property in Santa Monica? How Much are you Going to Have to Pay?

Santa Monica Real Estate Market Update October 2012

You are moving to Los Angeles and are considering renting an ocean front property in Santa Monica. What is available and how much will it cost to rent a condo in Santa Monica? Presently there are 22 ocean front condos for rent in Santa Monica.  The average price is $8,570 per month, average square foot is 1,613 and average days on the market 61. You may be thinking of buying instead? There are 17 ocean front condos for sale in Santa Monica, at an average price of $1,756,053, average sq. … [Read more...]

Leasing a Condo in West Los Angeles


You are relocating to Los Angeles, or are in-between situations.  Maybe you are downsizing your Los Angeles home and would like to try leasing a condo in West Los Angeles before making the final decision about where you would like to live. There are a number of condos available for lease in West Los Angeles.  Prime areas to look include the Wilshire Corridor and Century City. Wilshire Corridor condos for lease There are presently 68 Wilshire Corridor condos for lease. Average price = … [Read more...]