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Back to the Future – Prepaid Interest Explained

Now is the time to buy a Los Angeles home and prepare for your mortgage

It doesn't take a time traveler to appreciate the fact some folks are just inherently going to have a problem with paying today for something that won't come due until tomorrow. Especially when that something is perhaps ill-explained and/or…

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How to Make Your First Mortgage Payment

How to make your first mortgage payment on your Los Angeles home

Inside Mortgage Finance News reported on October 28, 2014 … “Total mortgage-related complaints filed by borrowers with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fell again in the third quarter of 2014 – the fifth drop in the last six quarters, according…

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The Many Ways Poor Credit Scores Cost You

Bad credit scores can affect you in many ways

A large percentage of the potential home-buyers I speak to have a basic knowledge of how credit scores influence the interest rate received when they finance their home purchase.  Most understand the basic principal:  The higher their credit scores, the…

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Will Refinancing Cause my Property Taxes to Go Up?

Will refinancing cause my property taxes to rise

Because the current interest rate environment remains conducive to refinancing, a concern that some have about taking action stems from confusion related to how their property taxes are determined, and specifically the question, “Will refinancing cause my property taxes to…

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How do Divorces Affect Marital Property?

How do divorces affect marital property

Recently, I’ve been asked by many Realtors and Attorneys to help finance a client looking to buy another property after or during their divorce … Because of the frequency of this scenario, I’ve been reminded that there’s a large amount…

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Looking to Buy a Condominium? What You Need to Know

Buying a condo in L.A.? What you need to know

If you’re presently in a house hunt, or even just dabbling with the idea of buying a home, you’ve probably done some research and run across multiple articles regarding the current Mortgage Process … and its challenges … You’ve probably…

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Is Now the Time for You to Sell Your Home and Buy the Next?

Is now the right time to well your Los Angeles home

The final decision to Refinance your existing Mortgage (or  not), should be based on one simple thing.  It must make good financial sense …That decision is often times determined by the length of time you, as a Homeowner, “guesstimates” you’ll own your loan…

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Heading to College? Protect Your Finances For The Future

How to protect your finances when going to college

It happens fairly frequently …      While reading through a potential Mortgage Applicant’s Credit Report, I’ll discover that many of their reported debts and Credit Cards were first established while they were in college.  And now years later, they’re…

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Are You Self-Employed and Hoping to Get a Mortgage?

How to get a mortgage when self-employed

From a Mortgage Lender’s perspective, the most complicated Mortgage Applicant is often the Applicant that is Self-Employed.      Why?      Full Documentation Loan Files are demanded in today’s Mortgage lending.  IRS transcripts are requested (and received) on the…

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Looking for Trends in Mortgage Lending During 2014

Mortgage Lending trends in 2014

Turn on the TV.  Read a newspaper. Check-out Social Media … and you’ll run into an article(s) regarding the latest “trends“.  Heck, on Twitter they have a trend list that’s constantly evolving and updating.  Trends … and being able to…

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Balancing Risk with Affordable Financing

Lower loan limits can mean a higher cost of borrowing

Lower Loan Limits & Higher Costs of Borrowing An interesting phenomenon is taking place within the financing world these days …      What “used” to be … doesn’t “remain that way” long! This has always been the case in quickly-changing…

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What Happens if the Appraisal Comes in Low?

Understanding Los Angeles Property Appraisals

I thought I would address a question that comes up either occasionally (or frequently, as the real estate market might dictate…):  “What happens if my appraisal comes in low?”  And so I’d like to cover the relationship between purchase price and appraised…

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Will Your Mortgage Co-Signor Deliver Magic?

Will your mortgage co-signor delivery magic?

More and more often, the topic of co-signing on a Mortgage is being brought up both during my initial inquiries and Pre-Qualification conversations.  I’m presented with questions regarding Mortgage co-signing from both hopeful recipients of the co-signing and those actually considering becoming a co-signor. I find that there is often confusion surrounding this topic. …

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How to Get the Best Deal on Your Mortgage

How to get the best deal on your Los Angeles mortgage

So you’ve embarked upon the daunting task of shopping for the best mortgage rate? As a 15-year veteran of the mortgage industry myself, I can be reasonably certain that you, the consumer, will not suffer for lack of choices, information or…

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The Basics of Home Financing in 2013

Changes within the Mortgage Industry have occurred quickly and become a constant over the past few years.  Those of us that work within the Industry have gotten somewhat used to this fact.  For the public though, the outlook can be quite…

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