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The Not so Simple Task of Quoting Interest Rates

Quoting interest rates is not that simple

     I liken Interest Rates to onions in more than a couple of ways.  Much like onions, Interest Rates have “layers”.  In today’s mortgage financing, a Mortgage Lender  must weigh all the facts, then peel away “layers” of information and data to find and reveal the…

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How to Return to Good Financial and Credit Health

Statistics told us, that prior to Christmas of last year, Americans were doing a pretty good job of decreasing their debt, especially on credit cards, plus they were in a savings mode too But according to statistics recently released by the…

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How Appraisals Can Affect Your Real Estate Transaction

Inevitably there’s a point during my conversation with almost every new mortgage client that the talk turns to the  property appraisal.  If the client themself brings up the topic, it’s an indication to me that I’m speaking with an educated buyer.  That buyer has already…

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