Should you take out a Jumbo Loan or is there an Alternative?

Should I get a jumbo loan when buying a Los Angeles home?

To Jumbo or not to Jumbo, that is the question. Many of my Chicagoland referral partners have been reporting that their higher-end housing markets are seeing healthier sales this Spring.  Finally!  Our local housing markets are healing!  All very good news. Paired along with that is even more good news.  Lending options are once again appearing for high-end real estate purchases and refinancing.  "Jumbo" loan options are re-emerging. But what is considered a "Jumbo" loan? Like so … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Mortgage Financing | Cheaper is Not Always Better

Cheaper is not always better when financing your Los Angeles mortgage

Don't "Cut Your Nose Off and Spite Your Face" when it comes to your Mortgage Financing     There's an old saying ...     "You're cutting your nose off and spiting your face" ...      Stretching the point just a bit, I want to use this saying to get a message across regarding interest rates ... and the intense focus that most home buyers, and those refinancing, place on them.     Now I know that sounds a bit ironic coming from me, a mortgage lender.  But as much … [Read more...]