Five Ways to Sell Your Los Angeles Home Today

L.A. home sellers show your home's best face

If you are wondering right now if and how you should sell your Los Angeles home, I have the answer" Put in on the market! Put in on the market! Put in on the market! Put in on the market! Put in on the market! There really is no magic to it right now. Inventory is so low that you don't have to over thing things in order to get it sold quickly for the correct price. No, if you over price your home it is not going to sell not matter what, at least not for the price you ask, but … [Read more...]

“Pitifully Low Inventory” Great News for L.A. Home Sellers

Los Angeles homes for sale needed desperately

An article in yesterday's Los Angeles Times talked about the "pitifully low inventory" in the Southern California real estate market. It also addressed the fact the prices are up and there are a lot of hungry buyers still out there. So, if you are thinking of selling your Los Angeles home, now is the perfect time.  There is no guarantee that prices will continue to rise or that the buyer pool will stick around much longer. Interest rates are still low but we don't know what's around the … [Read more...]

Should I Downsize my Los Angeles Home?

Downsizing your Los Angeles Home, Buying on the Wilshire Corridor, Buying a Century City Condo

You know the story. The kids are gone. You have more space than you could ever use. The maintenance of the home is becoming more than you can handle and you are thinking, "should I downsize my Los Angeles home?" You have decided that you are ready and are wondering how to proceed: Should I wait to sell my Los Angeles home? The good news is that any time you are thinking of selling your Los Angeles home is the right time, and now is a great time. Los Angeles is primarily in a sellers' … [Read more...]

If in Doubt, When Selling your Los Angeles Home Disclose All

Selling your L.A. home, disclose, disclose, disclose

When selling your Los Angeles home you are going to be faced with the responsibility of disclosing everything you know about your property. There is no question that you can hide certain matters for fear that it will affect the sale in some way. All will out in the end and you do not want to go through escrow and have the buyer walk, or worst case have to deal with a lawsuit. As a seller you will be required to fill out various documents a couple of which will ask you specific questions, the … [Read more...]

What is a Los Angeles Home Worth? Depends Which Corner You Are In

What is a Los Angeles home worth? Depends

What is a Los Angeles home worth?  Well that depends in which corner you are standing, the seller's, the buyer's or the lender's.  And the meaning of "worth" changes depending on your corner and the market in which you find yourself - a sellers' or a buyers'.  For the purpose of this discussion we will assume it is a balanced market with a note at the end of each section covering today's sellers' market. The Seller If you are considering selling your Los Angeles home may be thinking, "what … [Read more...]

10 Frequently Asked Los Angeles Home Seller Questions

Los Angeles homes for sale market report

You are thinking of selling your Los Angeles home and probably have many questions. Let's see if I can answer some of them: Q:  Can I sell my home on my own as a For Sale by Owner (FSBO)? A:  There is nothing to stop you doing this, but it is not recommended.  Around 80% of FSBO sellers end up using a Realtor?  Why?  Even in a sellers' market selling a home is more than just sticking a sign in the yard as is explained here. Q:  Do I have to use one agent to sell my home? A:  Yes. … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Home Sellers FAQ. What is an Exclusive Listing Agreement?

Buying a home in L.A. FAQ. What can I afford?

You are getting ready to sell your Los Angeles Home with the help of your Los Angeles Realtor®.  So what is involved in order to start the process? The first thing you will do is sign the Listing Agreement, which will be an Exclusive Listing Agreement.  What does this mean?  A sample of such an agreement is below: Item 1:  "Listing Period".  This is generally six months.  The period is negotiable and in a sellers' market your home is going to be sold very quickly, but six months is usually … [Read more...]

Should I Fix up my Los Angeles Home Before Selling?

Should I upgrade my Los Angeles home before selling?

I am frequently asked by prospective Los Angeles home sellers whether and what they should do to their home before putting it on the market. Should they upgrade the kitchen, put in hardwood flooring, tear off the 1960s wallpaper?  This applies to a home that has seen little in the way of upgrades over the years and is pretty much in original condition. My answer is generally to do the most they can for the least cost. It is so tempting to put in a nice new kitchen because it is really … [Read more...]

Selling Your Home in Los Angeles? How to Handle Those Multiple Offers

How to pick the right offer when selling your Los Angeles home

Thinking of selling your Los Angeles home?  Unless you have been under a rock you will know that now is a strong sellers' market.  Chances are if you put your home up for sale it is going to get offers almost immediately, more than one.  Of course you still need to list the property at or close to market price.  If you overprice it then it is still going to sit and you will end up getting less in the end. It should be a simple process to pick the successful buyer right?  Just choose the one … [Read more...]

When Selling Your Los Angeles Home Hold Your Agent Accountable

When selling your Los Angeles home set expectations with your Realtor

Selling your Los Angeles home is not just about hiring a real estate agent, having them put up a sign and then forgetting it.  If some home sellers new what went on in the background their hair might stand on end. Let's look at what you should be looking out for. When properties come on the market, unless otherwise requested by the seller, they must be entered into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)  within 3 days of the date of  start of the listing, where other Realtors® and, through … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Home Sellers 55 and Over Check Out Props 60 and 90

Understanding Los Angeles property taxes

If you are a Los Angeles home seller over the age of 55 then you should familiarize yourself with Propositions 60 and 90. What are Propositions 60 and 90?  These Propositions allow California home sellers to transfer their property base to their new home which, if you have owned your current home for many years means big savings. Proposition 60 covers transfers within the same county and Proposition 90 between other participating counties. Property taxes in Los Angeles are around 1.25% of … [Read more...]

Sellers, Sellers, Wherefore Art Thou Sellers?

Los Angeles home sellers, where are you?

We are heading towards a Shakespearean tragedy here, extreme shortage of inventory. The Los Angeles housing market is not going to recover if there is nothing for buyers to purchase.  Getting a loan is not a slam dunk, but mortgage rates are at an all time low and more than half of California home buyers can afford the median price in the state. So what is causing the anemic inventory? The expected shadow inventory of homes hasn't happened.  Less people are willing to short sell their … [Read more...]

Recently Sold Homes in Los Angeles

Recent Home sales in Los Angeles

If you are thinking of buying a Los Angeles home, and certainly if you are thinking of selling a Los Angeles home you are going to be interested in recent home sales. Check out sales over the past three months.   Get help with your … [Read more...]

Selling Your Los Angeles Home Part 4. The Escrow Process

Selling your Los Angeles Home: The escrow process

This is the fourth part of the series on Selling your Los Angeles home, in which we will go over what is involved in the escrow process. What is escrow?  Simply put, escrow is the handling of the contract by a neutral party which will ensure that the terms of the contract are met by both sides and all monies will be disbursed by them upon satisfactory fulfillment of the contract by both parties. What happens during the escrow period?  Below is an overview of what to expect during … [Read more...]

Selling a Home in Los Angeles Part 3: Handle the Offers

Selling your Los Angeles Home Part 3. Handle the offer.

Continuing on in the series Selling a home in Los Angeles, we will discuss the next phase which is when the offers start to come in. Hopefully you have priced your home to sell and will get interest quickly.  Today, homes are at a premium.  It is a sellers' market and buyers are looking for good properties.  You will likely get into a multiple offer situation.  Let's first talk about how to handle a single offer scenario. You will work with your Los Angeles Realtor® to determine the next … [Read more...]

Selling Your Home in Los Angeles Part 2: Get Ready to List

Selling a Los Angeles Home. Get Ready to List

You are in the process of selling your Los Angeles home and have hired your Los Angeles Realtor®, and you have signed the listing agreement.  What's next? Now you have to plan to put your home on the market. Pricing.  You will sit down with your Los Angeles Realtor®,  and decide on the right list price.  Your Realtor® will have provided you with sales comparables - similar homes in the area which have sold.  You may want to look at how the home was originally priced.  Maybe they priced it … [Read more...]

Is Now a Good Time to Sell Your Los Angeles Home?

Is now a good time to sell your Los Angeles home?

You may be thinking if now is a good time to sell your Los Angeles home. Maybe you should wait until after the election or the holidays.   Prices are rising, so maybe you want to wait until prices go up even further.  There has to be the perfect time to put your home on the market, right? Well, if you have equity in your home, now is a great time to sell your Los Angeles home.  Why? Prices are up. Inventory is extremely low. Mortgage rates are at record lows. Buyers are out … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Real Estate | Where Have All The Houses Gone?

Where have all the houses gone?

This is a frustrating time if you are working in Los Angeles real estate.  And it is pretty much the same all over the country.  Sellers are holding back from putting their homes on the market. I presently have buyers looking in all ranges and the pickings are slim.   What is on the market has been on the market for a while, and anything that does come up doesn't stay on the market long. Los Angeles home sellers, don't be shy. I know you will get a lot of attention if you put your homes … [Read more...]

Selling Your Los Angeles Home? How do You Set a Price?

How should you price your Los Angeles home for sale

You are thinking of selling your Los Angeles home and have an idea in your head of the price.  After all you paid a certain amount for it and should be making a profit on it, or at least getting your money back out. And, this is how your see your home, after all it is your palace:   You should get your money back and more, right? Not necessarily.  If you bought at the height of the market, right now you would be selling at or near the bottom.  And even if you bought after prices … [Read more...]

Define a Los Angeles Real Estate Buyers’ or Sellers’ Market

Now is a Good Time to Buy

When buying or selling real estate in Los Angeles  we often talk about the market as being a buyers' or a sellers' market, based on the absorption rate. The absorption rate is the number of months it will take to sell the existing inventory based on prior months' sales.  6 months is a balanced market, under six months a sellers' market, and over six months a buyers' market. However the market is neither a buyers' or sellers' market if no one is buying or selling, and ultimately we rely on … [Read more...]