The Biggest Complaints About Los Angeles — And Why They’re Wrong

Los Angeles often gets a bum rap.  It is a wasteland.  There is no culture.  The traffic is horrendous.  There is no center.  And on an on.

If you are a visitor to Los Angeles, I don’t blame you if you have this misconception.  But once you live here and get to know the City, it is one of the most diverse and Los Angeles | Some Myths Dispelledbeautiful places around.

The sunsets, the views, the ocean, the architecture, the wide palm tree-bordered boulevards, and yes, even the culture.

The article below dispels some of the myths:

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We get it: you love to hate on L.A. But your most common disses are unfounded and unfair. Let’s straighten this out.

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Jane Peters

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  1. Los Angeles has so much to offer and there really is diverse culture and things to do.

  2. There are indeed.

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