Los Angeles Homes for Sale. Some Interesting Statistics

Los Angeles homes for sale market statistics

All we are hearing lately is that the number of Los Angeles homes for sale is down.  Is this true?  Is there something else going on?  Let's take a look at the City of Los Angeles itself and see the cold, hard facts.  These statistics are for single family homes and exclude the cities of Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Culver City, and Beverly Hills. You will see the monthly trend in the chart below, compared with January of 2012, last month the number of homes for sale was down 43% while sold … [Read more...]

Looking for a Home in Los Angeles? Check Out New Listings

New homes on the market in Hollywood Hills East

If you have been looking for a home in Los Angeles for a while you are probably becoming extremely frustrated.  There is very little inventory, and that which does come on the market in a good area at market price is met with multiple offers and generally sells over asking price. Stay on top of  new Los Angeles real estate listings.  Check out homes coming on the market in the past couple of days, broken down by … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Real Estate by Neighborhood: 2012 in Review

Los Angeles Real Estate, 2012 in Review

Let's take a look how Los Angeles real estate did in 2012 compared to the previous year.  Which areas favor sellers and which favor buyers? The communities below exclude the cities of  Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and Culver City, and the communities of Westwood, Brentwood and Century City which are covered separately, as is the Wilshire Corridor   Los Angeles Single Family Homes Community Sold +/- 211 Price Range Median +/- … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Real Estate | 10 Top Selling Neighborhoods in 2012

Top 10 Los Angeles neighborhoods for condo sales

Whether you are a Los Angeles home buyer or seller, it is always interesting to know which are the best selling neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Best selling neighborhoods are a double-edged sword.  Great for sellers, not so great for buyers in a market with very low inventory.  However, it is always good to be where everyone wants to me.  Sounds like a song from "Friends".  So let's look take a look at the 10 top selling neighborhoods in Los Angeles for 2012. Since some areas are single … [Read more...]

Top Ten Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Real Estate Sales

Top Ten Los Angeles neighborhoods for real estate sales 2012

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in Los Angeles, it may be of interest to you see where the most homes have sold over the past 90 days. Of course the neighborhoods will reflect only those covered on this site except for Studio City. Top ten los Angeles neighborhoods for real estate sales | single family homes 1.  Hollywood Hills West - Sunset Strip - 111 This is a trendy neighborhood, north of Sunset into the hills, roughly bordered by La Colina to the west and La Brea to … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Real Estate Third Quarter Market Report 2012

Search homes for sale in Los Angeles

Let' see how Los Angeles real estate is doing compared with the same period in 2011.  The +/- and percentage differences are over the first nine  months of 2011. Other areas have their own separate reports, with links shown below. (Blue is a sellers' market, red a buyers' market and white a stable market). Information taken from the MLS/CLAW deemed reliable buy not guaranteed Community Active 2012  Sold 2012  +/-  Median 2012  %+/- % Sold vs List … [Read more...]

Where is the Los Angeles Real Estate Market Right Now?

Is now a good time to sell your Los Angeles home?

I am sure you are hearing stories from all around the country about the shortage of inventory.  Is this true about the Los Angeles real estate market?  Yes it is.  The Los Angeles real estate half-yearly market report for June 2012 will give you an idea how low that inventory is. There are buyers out there, some desperately looking for properties which they can't find.  They keep looking at old inventory trying to see if that will work.  But there is a reason that homes sitting on the market … [Read more...]

Highland Park, Los Angeles, An Up-And-Coming Neighborhood

Highland Parkan up-and-coming Los Angeles neighborhood

Highland Park, Los Angeles is an up-and-coming neighborhood close to Pasadena, Mt. Washington and Montecito Heights. Highland Park is fast becoming the new Echo Park which in turn is the new Silver Lake.  As one community becomes gentrified, the next takes over, and now it's the turn of Highland Park. Highland Park is one of the oldest Los Angeles neighborhoods and one of its most scenic, with parks such as Arroyo Seco and Ernest E. Debs Regional Park .  The Metro Gold Line services the … [Read more...]

Getting Around Los Angeles Without a Car

You can get around in L.A. without a car

Believe it or not, it really is not that difficult to get around Los Angeles without a car.  I am living proof. When we take our cars in for service, or body work or whatever in Los Angeles we almost always arrange for a ride, rent a car or, if we go to a dealership, get a loaner.  Take a bus?  What!  And heaven forbid we should consider walking. Yesterday I took my car in for body work and was going to rent one for the two days it would take.  Then I thought I would see how I could … [Read more...]

Downtown Los Angeles Condo Market Report | 1st Qtr 2012

Downtown Los Angeles Lofts, Santee Village Lofts, Living in Downtown L.A.

Let's check in on the Downtown L.A. condo market to see how First Quarter figures look. The numbers are taken from the MLS/CLAW and are deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Number Sold:  110, a decrease of 3.77% over the same period last year. Median Price:  $283,750, a 2.99% decrease over the same period last year. There are 93 active listings on the market which means, with an average of 36.67 condos sold over the first three months, the market is trending towards a sellers' … [Read more...]

How is the Real Estate Market in Los Angeles Right Now? First Quarter 2012 Stats

Downtown lofts and condos for sale, market report

People often ask how is the real estate market in Los Angeles right now.  The answer I guess depends on whom you ask. According to the MLS there are currently 206 foreclosures and 434 shorts sales on the market in the approximately 73 areas they cover, which actually does not seem like a large number.  And in the areas frequently covered by me there are 43 foreclosures and 82 short sales, still not a large number. The problem right now with standard sales is that inventory is low in the … [Read more...]

Full Service Condo Buildings in Los Angeles

Unlike New York, Los Angeles does not have a surplus of full service condo buildings,  and I get frequent requests for these kinds of buildings, both from prospective buyers and renters. There is one main concentration of full service condos, and that is on The Wilshire Corridor, where most of the buildings have 24/7 concierge and valet service, and full amenities such as swimming pool, spa, gym, conference room, etc.  The other concentrated area is Century City.  Downtown L.A. also has a … [Read more...]

Buying a Los Angeles Home May Make Sense With Rental Prices Rising

Los Angeles Rental Properties, Renting a Home in Los Angeles

An article in today's Los Angeles Times talks about the shortage of rental properties in Los Angeles  and Southern California and predicts that rents will rise 10% over the next two years. Rents in many if not most area markets are already on the way up, and rental properties in Los Angeles What does this mean?  Well, with a shortage of properties, and renters competing for those available, investors will be jumping into this market and buying up suitable rental properties, especially … [Read more...]

Define a Los Angeles Real Estate Buyers’ or Sellers’ Market

Now is a Good Time to Buy

When buying or selling real estate in Los Angeles  we often talk about the market as being a buyers' or a sellers' market, based on the absorption rate. The absorption rate is the number of months it will take to sell the existing inventory based on prior months' sales.  6 months is a balanced market, under six months a sellers' market, and over six months a buyers' market. However the market is neither a buyers' or sellers' market if no one is buying or selling, and ultimately we rely on … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Real Estate is it a Sellers’ Market?

Now is the Time to Sell your Los Angeles Home, Los Angeles Real Estate

You are thinking of selling a Los Angeles home and are interested in finding out if your area is a seller's or buyers' market. Regardless of whether or not you are in a sellers' market look at the comps and price your home accordingly. As a Los Angeles home seller your Realtor® will check out the comps in your area and let you know where to price your home.  No matter whether a sellers' or a buyers' market you will need to price your home at or very near the market price.  If your home is … [Read more...]

Sawtelle is an Up-and-Coming West L.A. Neighborhood

Sawtelle Blvd in West Los Angeles

I recently sold a home to a young guy on Corinth Ave.  He was excited because it was walking distance to the up-and-coming Sawtelle neighborhood in West Los Angeles, where his favorite markets and restaurants are located. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times talks about the gentification of  the area knows as "Little Osaka".   This area, along Sawtelle from Santa Monica to Olympic, has always been a draw for its Japanese restaurants, but it is now branching out to cater to a wider range … [Read more...]

Going Green to Save Some Green

Going Green in Los Angeles

By Andrew Hill @ www.NewHomeSource.com Contrary to some mistaken ideas, going green doesn’t have to be strange and uncomfortable, and it definitely doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, many green ideas are designed to increase your comfort and to save you money. Don’t believe us? Well then consider these fun, cost-effective ways to make your home a little greener. One of the simplest and most cost effective ways of going green is to lower your water consumption. Left unchecked, faucets … [Read more...]

Take a Break From The Los Angeles Real Estate Scene And Just Admire The Beauty

How a seller sees his or her home

Sometimes you just have to stop and take a breath from the hustle and bustle of the Los Angeles real estate scene and get away from it all. I have taken a break to travel for two weeks in India and one week in Bangkok.  India, as I am sure you know, is an eye opening experience, from the extreme poverty to the extreme beauty.  And the ultimate is, of course the Taj Mahal. You can explain the feeling as you see it up close for the first time.  Unfortunately I did not do it … [Read more...]

Buying a Home in Los Angeles? Can I Change Your Mind?

Buy a Haveli in Mandawa, India

I am presently traveling in India which is an eye-opening experience to put it mildly. Extreme poverty at the one end with India's richest man building the world's first billion dollar home at the other. However, you can pick up some bargains in the middle. In Mandawa there are several abandoned properties.  Built in 1852, the  Mandawa haveli below with approximately 30 rooms,  spectacular views of the village, and wonderful murals can be grabbed up for the bargain price of around … [Read more...]

What’s Your Point?

Los Angeles mortgage, new rules

What's Your Point??  Nawwwww ... Not THAT Point! A great scene, isn't it?  But it's not those "points" I'm going to talk about in this blog.  No, I'm talking the "points" referred to when discussing mortgage costs and options.      I've had several discussions as of late, with some pretty confused borrowers regarding these "points".  They've had no real grasp of exactly what a "point" is prior to our discussion.  What it can equate to in cost to them.  How the cost of a "point" is … [Read more...]