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A True Pro

May 12, 2014 by Diane Shader Smith

Jane you're a true pro. Please feel free to use me as a reference -- I can testify to your incredible service. Thanks for making it happen so quickly!

Win Win Outcome

Mar 01, 2014 by Yoshio Nishimoto

To Ms. Jane Peters

Your patience, tolerance and professional determination made the complex process of selling and buying a house a painless experience for me and my brothers. The Takenakas, our friend and neighbor are also happy with the purchase for it satisfies their family needs. As a widower, he can look forward to his first grandchild who will be livng a block away. So we have what I believe is an ideal Win Win outcome. Your people skills had a lot to do with making both parties happy with the outcome. This is the the type of outcome most buyer or seller would wish for. Thank you again, Jane.
Yoshio Nishimoto

Expertise and Knowledge

Dec 06, 2013 by Ace & Regina Torre

Dear Jane,

We’re so happy that the deal is done and that Azeo
has a great place to live.

Thank you for all of your help throughout the many steps of the process, starting with our first whirlwind weekend in July. As first time buyers in California, your expertise and knowledge were a great help to us, and it was a pleasure doing business with you as well.

And, for the record, Karl Miller was great to work with. Thank you for the recommendation.

We’re happy that Azeo picked you to be our agent.

We hope you’ll call us whenever you’re in New Orleans.

Thank you

Caring and Compassionate

Nov 25, 2013 by Sarah and Nan

Dear Jane,

I just got back home from work. You might already fell asleep but I still want to take this opportunity to thank you – thank you for the time and efforts invested in us for the past three weeks. While we feel it has been an amazing yet crazy journey, it’s been a true pleasure to work with you. We appreciate your being caring and compassionate through the whole process. Your professionalism and dedication made this whole process much easier for a first time homebuyer like Nan and I.


Honesty and Straightforwardness

Mar 15, 2013 by Veeral Sheth

Jane helped us get our first property and her honesty and straightforwardness made the process much easier for us. She guided us the entire time and we learned a ton from her. She was on top of everything and I would highly recommend her.

Thank You For All Your Hard Work

Jan 27, 2013 by Rick Linton


Now that it’s done, I want to thank you for all of your work. Chris and I hadn’t bought or sold property in 20 years and we were not at all sure how the process would work. You didn’t just explain the process, you predicted, perfectly, everything that would happen. It was as easy as watching a movie where you know the ending. For all the drama of selling a home and moving 250 miles, selling our home was the easy part. I would highly recommend you.

Again, thank you.


We Highly Recommend You

May 17, 2012 by Jamie and Chris


I wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work in representing us as buyers for the Wavecrest property. This was a complicated transaction and you were on top of it every step of the way. You were extremely proactive during the escrow process and timely in your responses to all of our questions. Making a $1.3 million dollar purchase is nerve racking but with your representation we felt very comfortable that our best interest was being looked after by you. We highly recommend you to anyone in need of a Realtor.

Thank you again for all of your hard work.


My Real Estate Teacher

Jan 19, 2012 by Ken Lin

Jane, thank you for being me agent to get my first sweet home. For me, you are not just an agent but also my real estate teacher.

You taught me many things I need to know as first-time buyer.

Because of your professional skills, I had a really smooth home buying process. If my friends ask me to introduce some agents,

I am sure you will be the one I highly recommend to them.

You Are The Best

Nov 18, 2011 by Carney Shegerian

Jane, you are THE BEST! You saved me big time this year! (Leased and sold the same exact property within 2 months; gotta love a broker who does that with the most difficult of clients!).

You Have an Ally in Jane

Nov 12, 2011 by Sylvia Pompei

If you consider yourself “picky”, you have an ally in Jane. She keeps totally focused on your needs and your original goal. It is easy to lose sight of that once the search begins. Especially as a first-time buyer, you can feel totally overwhelmed when making the most important purchase of your life.Testimonial for Jane Peters my Los Angeles Realtor®

With her eagle-eye, Jane tirelessly made herself available and worked very hard for me, diligently keeping me informed about every step of the process, really helping me to stay the course, guiding me through the jungle of homes out there, hatchet in hand, clearing the real-estate “clutter” and leaving no stone un-turned.

All of this, while keeping a no-pressure attitude and making it fun with her European humor and wit.

Half way through my search, I changed some parameters, adding my boyfriend and his needs and requirements to the picture. Nevertheless, Jane stood by “picky me” for 15 long months. When the right moment finally came, she wasted no time, telling me I would lose the house if I didn’t act quickly. While I “wondered and pondered” (as is my specialty), she worked at lightning speed to put together my offer, beating the competition by minutes. No matter how “slow” the market might have been, “true gems” are being snatched away very quickly, and Jane was able to “pounce” on mine like a panther on the prey. I just watched in awe.

I love my home inside and out and could not be happier about the location. She knew how important it was to me to be able to forget about my car and walk to neighborhood shops and cafes. I have all that now, plus a wonderful bike-walk-dog park, all within minutes of my residence.

Jane is a rare find, I recommend her whole-heartedly.

Los Angeles Real Estate and Homes for Sale 310-473-6919 Los Angeles CA, USA 5.0 5.0 16 16 Jane you're a true pro. Please feel free to use me as a reference -- I can testify to your incredible service. Thanks for making it happen so quickly!


Jane Peters

Jane Peters is a Los Angeles Realtor®, specializing in absentee owners, out-of-town-buyers and those needing that extra personal touch to make the buying and selling of Los Angeles real estate a smooth and, believe it or not, fun process.

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