Your Child is Moving to L.A. Where Should They Live?

Where to live in Los Angeles

I often get contacted by anxious parents whose child is moving to Los Angeles, either for school or work. You are worried about where they are going to live and want to make sure that they are safe and secure, especially New Yorkers who are used to buildings with doormen. Los Angeles can be an intimidating prospect for you, and unless you are prepared to pay a high premium for a full-service building with valet and concierge such as the Wilshire Corridor then they will be living like many … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Leasing an Apartment or a Condominium

Wilshire Corridor condos 3rd Qtr 2013 market report

I often get calls from people looking to rent a home in Los Angeles, especially on the Wilshire Corridor. They start the conversation with "I saw a listing for an apartment at......" The majority of buildings on the Wilshire Corridor are not apartment buildings, they are condominiums.  So what's the difference? An apartment building is generally owned by one entity which leases out the individual units to individual tenants.  A condominium building consists of units which are individually … [Read more...]

Relocating to Los Angeles? Don’t Know Where to Start?

Los Angeles Real Estate Homes for Sale

Are you thinking of relocating to Los Angeles and don't know quite where to start? Do you need help?  Someone who knows the area and has helped numerous people like yourself settle in? Here are some things to consider: You are going to have to pick an area.  This may depend on: Where you are going to be working. What school you would like your child to attend. What kind of housing you can afford whether it be a rental to start - a condo/apartment or a single family … [Read more...]

Frequently Asked Questions When Renting a Los Angeles Home

Frequently asked questions, when renting a Los Angeles home

If you are moving to Los Angeles, or maybe selling your home and moving to a Los Angeles rental, you may not be familiar with the process.  So here are answers to some questions you may have. Q:  How do I find a rental property in Los Angeles? A:  There are many ways to find a rental.  You can join Westside Rentals, where you pay a small fee, or look at some of the online sites like Craigslist, which will generally show the same properties as Westside Rentals.  However, you need to be … [Read more...]

Moving to from or in Los Angeles Check out this Site

Moving to Los Angeles try using Unpakt

If you are moving to Los Angeles, from Los Angeles, or even within Los Angeles - Save 5% on Your Move with Unpakt Get Instant Prices and Compare Movers Online with Unpakt. Traditionally, finding a reasonable price for lifting, packing and transporting all of your worldly possessions from one home to another can be frustrating to say the least. You have to describe your inventory over and over again to each company that you call. Once you choose one, you may or may not wind paying extra in … [Read more...]

Moving to Los Angeles? I Can Help.

Be prepared to move into your new Los Angeles home

Many of the calls I get are from people moving to Los Angeles, from out-of-state or overseas.  These people need help above and beyond the usual real estate agent services provided. You are most certainly going to want to rent before you commit to buying a home in Los Angeles, and you are going to be somewhat overwhelmed by the choices you may or may not have. We can discuss your options which will depend on your needs.  Where are you going to be working?  Do you need a specific school or … [Read more...]

Renting an Ocean Front Property in Santa Monica? How Much are you Going to Have to Pay?

Santa Monica Real Estate Market Update October 2012

You are moving to Los Angeles and are considering renting an ocean front property in Santa Monica. What is available and how much will it cost to rent a condo in Santa Monica? Presently there are 22 ocean front condos for rent in Santa Monica.  The average price is $8,570 per month, average square foot is 1,613 and average days on the market 61. You may be thinking of buying instead? There are 17 ocean front condos for sale in Santa Monica, at an average price of $1,756,053, average sq. … [Read more...]

Looking for a Rental Property in Los Angeles? The Options are Limitless

Leasing a Property in Los Angeles, Renting a Home in Los Angeles, Looking for Rentals in Los Angeles

You are moving to Los Angeles and looking for a rental property while you settle in. The Westside of Los Angeles, which encompasses Santa Monica, Westwood (including the Wilshire Corridor and Century City), and Brentwood, have a great supply of rental properties, starting at the low $2,000 and up. Deciding in which area you would like to live is the main problem, the rest is easy. Take a look at some of the properties available below: Search Westwood Homes for Rent* Search Westwood … [Read more...]

Moving to Los Angeles? Don’t Know Where to Live?

Moving to Los Angeles, Where to Live in Los Angeles, Buying a Home in Los Angeles

Are you thinking of moving to Los Angeles?  A daunting task if you are new to the city and you are thinking: Where should I live in Los Angeles? Here are some points to consider: Proximity to your workplace, if you are going to be commuting every day.  As you possibly may have heard, Los Angeles traffic can be a little congested.  Depending on the time of day a 5 mile journey could take up to half an hour Do you want a view?  If you do, you should head for the hills. Santa Monica … [Read more...]

Is Your Child Attending UCLA? Thought About Buying Rather Than Renting?

Buying a Condo in Los Angeles for your UCLA Student, Buying vs Renting a Condo in Los Angeles

Is your child attending, or about to attend UCLA, one of the world's top universities?  Are you wondering where your baby is going to live?  For ease, comfort and added security, buying a Los Angeles condo may be a good option. Buying or Selling Los Angeles Real Estate Buying or selling a Los Angeles home can be a daunting process in a city this size, especially if you’re new to L.A. Town. You’ll need a resident expert to show you around and help you narrow down the areas where you might like … [Read more...]

Beware of Rental Real Estate Scams in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Rental Real Estate Scams

If you are looking to rent in Los Angeles beware of real estate scams. It is now common knowledge that Craigslist rental ads should be carefully scrutinized and certainly you should not provide anyone with personal information without thoroughly vetting their authenticity. Now these scams are becoming more sophisticated. You may see an ad which looks like a realtor advertising a property of rent for a price that looks too good to be true.  An example is recently I was approached by … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Buy a Home in Los Angeles

Now is a good time to buy a home in Los Angeles

Scared away from the prospect of buying a home?  Think buying a home no longer makes sense?  Think again. Consider these 10 reasons to buy a home in Los Angeles: 1.  Deals can be made.  Prices are down, in some cases 30% from their top.  Are we at the bottom, who knows, but you will never know when we are, and now is as good a time as any to jump in.  A lot of buyers have disappeared after the end of both the Federal and California tax breaks. 2. Mortgage rates are the lowest on record. … [Read more...]

Buying a Home in Los Angeles. Don’t Drive Yourself Crazy

You are thinking of buying a home in Los Angeles, and you don't know where to start.  It seems like an insurmountable task.  How much can you afford?  In which areas should you look?  How will you find your home?  How do you make an offer.... and on and on. It is not as difficult as it seems.  This is where a realtor comes in.  Find someone you like and trust and put yourself in their hands.  They will take most of the load off you. The first thing the realtor will help you with is finding … [Read more...]

Hidden Costs of Buying a Home in Los Angeles

Hidden costs of buying a home in Los Angeles Buying a home in Los Angeles is not just a matter of putting down money for the down payment, getting a mortgage and then paying interest on that mortgage.  There are other hidden costs which need to be considered: Closing Costs A rough estimate of the closing costs for a buyer are 1.5% of the purchase price.  This includes the loan fees which should be discussed up front with your lender.  In fact your lender is now required to provide you … [Read more...]

Buying a Home in Los Angeles

You have decided you are ready to buy a home in Los Angeles but you are waiting for: The bottom of the market. Interest rates to go even lower. A great deal on a foreclosure...... There are many reasons to avoid actually jumping in an making the purchase.  But: You will never know where the bottom is, and common opinion is that we are at the bottom now. Interest rates are at an all-time low, and are likely to rise this year. You and the rest of the world are looking for a great deal … [Read more...]

Walk Areas Command High Prices

Especially applicable to Los Angeles, a recent study conducted by "CEOs for Cities", found that neighborhoods with the most walkable areas, with shopping, restaurants, entertainment, command higher prices. This can be broken down to a range of between $4,000 to $34,000 over houses with just an average attraction level and the scale was measured from 0 to 100 - car dependent to most walkable. See full story. Buying or Selling Los Angeles Real Estate Buying or selling a Los Angeles home can … [Read more...]